2021-2022 Olympic College Catalog 
    Nov 29, 2023  
2021-2022 Olympic College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies

Associate in Arts (AA)

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary field which studies the earth’s natural systems in the context of human social and economic constructs. It is a broad discipline that includes basic principles of ecology and environmental science, as well as associated subjects such as ethics, policy and planning, law, economics, philosophy, environmental justice, pollution control and natural resource management.

Students can choose to focus in one of two areas of environmental studies:

  1. Environmental Science, which focuses on the use of the scientific method to investigate chemical, biological, and quantitative aspects of natural systems; or
  2. Environmental Policy, which focuses on environmental policy development and the economic aspects of natural resource issues.

The two programs are specifically designed for students preparing to transfer to Western Washington University’s (WWU’s) Huxley College on the Peninsulas, where they may earn a BS in Environmental Science or a BA in Environmental Policy. The coursework may also be applicable to other transfer programs. Students should work to complete an AA/DTA and include the recommended courses listed below. Students should work closely with an academic advisor to determine the most appropriate course of study for their individual career interests.

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Lawrence, Amy 360.475.7732 8-216

Recommended Courses Environmental Science (AA/DTA):

Written Communication Skills

Symbolic/Quantitative Skills

Social Sciences

Recommended Courses for Environmental Policy (AA/DTA):